Tabata & Dicky

announce the birth

of 4 babyes on 8 luglio 2003




We have waited for so long these Babyes from Tabata, and she has make us wait until the 68th day, too!!. 4 ENORMOUS babyes: the little one was 103 gr. and the biggest one 123gr.

Shes a Proud and loving mom, but Cipria likes to go to Tabata's they're really funny!!


These are the first babys in this home that "can be" tabby, maybe there are two maybe three...we're waiting!c

In the meantime look ath these lovely pics : one of the babys is drinking milk with his belly up!! In these pics they are 12days fatty :)





Tabata enjoys herself moving babys...but they only want to eat here or there!!!

...or sleep...



Golia 20 days sweet.

They's always tender...I have to have my camera always with me to not lost any special moment!

It's wonderful having bayes at home, they fill my heart of happyness

Their GRANDSISTER doesn't knows she is not a baby, too!!



The sad thing that I will never can't stand is the moment of leaving...the moment to let them go to their new family, but this time I'm glad to have found two special new parents like Elisa and Ale !!

Here Gerry and Golia at their new home with thir welcome cake.

They will all be loved!

Galileo lives near me with two sweet humas ^_^ to stay in family!


Gulliver will stay here with us!!




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