1 May 2004


here there are my sweet babyes...after a long birth Phalbala has gave us these sweet lovely babyes!!

gr. at birth 92, 94, 99 e 100




Here there at 1 week old...isn't simple to take them to Phalbala to weight them and so on...she's a Loving mom!!

After a week they weight :160, 168, 190 e 194... I Think they eat a lot!! O.o

It seems to me they are two boys and two girls...Girls are fatty!!


It's difficult o make good pics they dont't lime to be cat models!

Here Jonny tries to fly...maybe it's better than walk...who knows?

Isidoro ( lilac tabby) and Jonny Caro ( chocolate)


Kirsch (chocolate tabby) and Happy Blue Guehnwyvar (blue tabby )

Isn't simple to not try to awake them to play...but until they sleep it's possible to make some good pic!!
Kirsch e Happy are two lovely sisters always together..so sweet!
..and how funny they are when start to play ! Isn't important if the ball is too big, it's important only to play!

Isidoro, the first lilac tabby in Amazing Dreams family has tought to make me worry about him : He has make a big Jump from the balcony and then...directly in the acquarium!!

But we know he's really sweet and very tender! His eyes are full of loving gifts!

Happy Blue Guenhwyvar...she's been the first girl to go away, I was crying really mcuh, but I'm sure and happy because she's gone to stay with Nadia and Roberto, two friends of mine, and with many other birmans..you can see her growing on : www.felinadia.it ....

( p.s. Guenh is very big and she always wants to eat, for her many many kisses - webmaster note-)

Jonny Caro..the eternal lover! His eays are full of magic, his heart full of love!
" even if we're so big...why not drinking a little bit of milk from mommy?"

Kirsch stays with us...too much irresistible!


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