18 FeBrUaRy 2005

Lutetia, Lindoro, Lafayette & Leopold




I will ever be used to parturition?

No. I just think no .. All the adrenaline that goes ... And anxiety in the first day ... Today will be tomorrow ... I will be there ... Be .... I was also this time to attend this wonderful miracle ... Galadriel began having contractions around 9 a.m.... I know only that she was fantastic! He had an easy birth, great ... ; O)

As his father .. A puppy has a tendency to take the milk with his belly up...That funny ...

Ah forgot ... Three boys and a girl

We have always made a little nickname for small kittens...like the Tabatini the Phalbaletti ... ... These should call the "galadriellini" ... But it seems somewhat 'difficult so . .. Since his mother adores move somewhat 'in bed a while' on the sofa ... then in the igloo ... we thought to call them ... The itinerants: o)

Move them isn't easy... Poor Galadriel ... Fortunately these puppies are excellent as pillows ... ; O)

In the photos you see they're 9 days old... But they are already born beautiful, and fatty and continue to grow at an eye view on average 13/15 grams per day ... Galadriel eats a lot and a lot ... Also because ... If you must carry around on the back ...

What about color ... Still some 'hard to define ... I think that we have for all tastes

Here's another vision of group ... Have you seen what beautiful heads they have?

And now the names ... Know what the left could be a tabby chocholate or seal tabby clear .... La Fayette, from 101 Dalmatians : Is the general who discovers where they were taken from the puppies and the warning by the telegraph night ... In the formula lilac, Lindoro from the barber of seville : A nobleman who pretends poor to break the heart of his love, big head right, probably blue ...

Leopold is that something in the name of his father ... GalyLEO: o) ... And then the little girl Lutetia namely, the city of a thousand lights, the old name of Paris for the color..uhm we will see later...

It is clear that ... as all the times...We are already in love with these little ones and all the strength that already have ... Look here : so little and with a big voise...you can't hear, I know, but see the photo and IMAGINE...IMAGINE VERY LOUD!!!

Galdriel mother is very lovely but carries his puppies everywhere ...

And what do you say about this tiny little one that with his belly very full is trying to move in search of his brothers ?. Few steps and seems already destroyed ... Its paws tremble before and behind ^_^ He seems to be me on Monday morning when I go to work: o)

Soon with new photos!

(Note by the webmaster ... but do you still believe to her when writes so?; o P in anyway , on trust they are all beautiful ^ ^)

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