When the kittens leave my house I always feel sad, because, , I would like to take them all with me, even if I know it's impossible to do.... And try not fall in love with them is impossible ... They are so wonderful ... Small... soft ....

The only thing that makes me feel better is receiving photos of my "grandchildren" to know that they are good and have met many people who, like me (were not chosen at random new " parents" for my babyes) love these beautiful cats!

Dumbo now lives in Sesto Calende together with Paola and Pierluigi two wonderful people who treat him as the king of the house ... He LOVE to reign in their beautiful home! !

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Eros lives in Bologna with Manuela, Roberto and Roky his new four-legged friend, a wonderful main coon ... Eros ihave tried to be a BIGBIRMAN to "compete" with a cat so great and I think he's succeeded ... You what you say?

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Maja and Yuma were born on the same day and have never left each other, we saw right away that they were made to stay together ... And Cinzia has also understood immediately and she loves them two, even for me!

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Emma and Eliot live with Carmen that sometimes is "desperate" because they always want to be pampered and not let it sleep .... Who knows who used them tobe so pampered? ... A. It is impossible to resist the demands of their affection ...

(see them babyes)

Elia lives in Prato, in a family where there are two beautiful girls who worship him ... At Christmas, they wrote to makeme their best wishes and tell me that the most beautiful gift had arrived at the end of September ... it was Elia


Don Chisciotte, called Donki was one of my first puppies ... Obviously would have wanted to keep so much with me ... Every puppy is especially ... Now he lives in Tuscany near Florence ... Appeared on some cat magazines for one of its "vices" ... Eat bananas ... You can imagine the excitement when I discovered to have a VIP in family ...

Vip baby pics

Amazing Dreams Happy Blue Guenhwyvar lives with Nadia in Vercelli, you can see her on www.felinadia.it Dark Alchemy Birmans


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Leopold :

HelloI am Leopold and for my first birthday ... I came back to meet my mother and my father ... Grandma , too..but they told me i'm SO BIG O.o


Uhm...Watching my old pics... Perhaps they're right ... I was off in one hand and now They have problems to pick me up....
Maybe I'm a little big more long...
giusto un tantino...but not much...or not?

As I looked around remembering my childhood..I heard them whisper about a bride ... Who knows ... ...

Now I will take kisses and compliments...for the future...WHO KNOWS!!


Obladì ed Obelix now are at Antoine e Nicole Trivino's home

Chatterie de l'Ange Mumiah




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