Amazing Dreams Aldebaran

SBI b, gruppo sang. A

d.o.b. 20/10/2015

La Bellissima Davide DouDou

SBI n - seal point

This is a lovely and wonderful young male, he has stunning eyes and a an AMAZING character!!

Amazing Dreams Rebus

seal tortie MALE


our new Youngster!

Amazing Dreams Nottingham

SBI a - blue point

our new Youngster!

Amazing Dreams Nesquick

SBI b 21- chocolate tabby point

5 /04/ 2008 - kittens from Tuiska

8 /04/2008 Kittens from Phalbalà



Int. Ch. Amazing Dreams Galileo

SBI n 21 - Seal Tabby point Bloodgroup: A

litters : see his page







SBI n - seal point


litters :

27/02/2000 - with Cipria

18 /04/2000 withCamomilla

27 /03/2001 with Camomilla

9/07/2001 with Cipria

8 /03/2002 with Camomilla




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