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25 April 2017: we have new kittens from Amazing Dreams Regina Amaltea (aka Poddy) and Amazing Dreams Aldebaran (aka Pallino)


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16 March 2017: we have new kittens from: Amazing Dreams Quanita e La Bellissima Davide DouDou

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24 February 2017 : here she is Cleopatra, from Amazing Dreams Amelie and Amazing Dreams Aldebaran






Having babykittens around makes hearts full of happyness... not only 'cause babyes are really lively, and so funny, but expecially for the magical atmosphere that you can feel all around.: for mom happyness, for the special tenderness of their dialogues with babys, and of course for the pride they show about their little babyes. And even for the special collaboration that rises up in the little- big catfamily.


I think I'm the most anxious and careful, i prepare special lovely lunchs for pregnant cats, I avoid to move too much in my bed, when they are with me, because I don't want to disturb future moms...I control they will be safe from noise when I use the vacuum cleaner and so on and of course I buy a new lovely cat bed for every litter, and finally I buy some present for the arriving babyes...


During the last days before delivery I feel adrenaline rise up in me, so I ask some days of leave to be at home in every moment, 'cause my girls wants me with them when they deliver... and I can say that I will go mad thinkin' about my little girls at home without me having their babyes!!

Milla Wants me to sing during her parturition, so I sing with trembling voice, some songs changed for the occasion by me :oP

Cipria prefers comliments and reassurances, so for her I think I'm really funny because I think I'm most scared thean her, but I keep on trying to be better time by time ...I'm really satisfied about this.

Tabata goes around and keeps on speaking, as she always does ,and sometomes she does some disconcerting meeeow, and when arrives the first baby her voise comes more sweet and becomes so tender...It will be a good idea to record it...maybe I will do it when I will be less scared ...

Phalbala stays glued to me, close to me, she looks always like a BiGbAbY and she waits for me to help her, always! But I know she's perfect even without my help, she let me leave some umbilical cord, but she's an energic and super mom. Maybe a little bit crazy, but that's her! She has always very much milk!!

Galadriel is fast, quiet, meticulous, precise, she wants to make all by herself, she calls us, but finally does and decide all by herself. She loves doing long pauses between one baby and another, so we never know when she has finished -_-". But she has mom's look and loves moving babyes around...


27 /02/2000 Don Chisciotte - Dulcinea - Dorotea
18 /04/ 2000 Dudubadu -Drago - Dumbo - Desiree
27 /03/ 2001 Eolo - Eldorado - Emily
9 /07/ 2001 Emmamay - Eros - Eliot - Elia
8 /03/ 2002 Felicità Maya - Fortuna Yuma
8 /07/ 2003 Gulliver - Galileo - Golia - Geronimo "Gerry"
22 /04/ 2004 Joker - Isotta - Heidi
1° May 2004 - Isidoro - Jonny Caro - Kirsch - Happy Blue Guenhwyvar
6 /10/ 2004 Junior Gione- Honey Bun - Jolie Bon Bon
18 /02/ 2005 - Lutetia - Lindoro - La Fayette - Leopold
8 /04/ 2005 - Lovely - Lorelay - Lupin - Little Big Love Lelek
29 june 2005 - Leilani - Livingstone - Lohengrin
22 july 2005 - Luke Skywalker
4 /10/ 05 - Light's Ray Lamù - Lovelooke Yoghi - Love Magic Bididi Bodidi Bu
19 /02/ 06 - Magic Love Magicabula - Mister Scooby Doo - Memole
20 /02/ 06 - Mon Amour - Ma Cherie
13 /11/2006 - Miss Lily Madley e Mr Nelson
13/03/ 2007 - Nemo, Nesquick, Nuvola with Paciocchino, Pisolo, Napoleone & Nanà Supergirl
25/ 04/ 2007 Nettuno, Nottingham, Nice Nice, Naike e Nausicaa

14 Giugno 2007 Nelly Fata Morgana, Nicodemo il Tenerone e Newton l'orsetto

20 /02/2008- kITTENS from Kirsh &Galileo
5 /04/ 2008 - Obi wan kenobi, Opale di fuoco & Ossidiana fiocco di neve...
8 /04/2008 Obladì Obladà, Ovomaltina, Oh My Darling e Obelix
12 /01 2009 - kittens from Kirsch & Galileo
28 /01/ 2009 - Babyes from Mirandolina & Nettuno
13 /03 2009 -babyes from Phalbalà & Nettuno
18 September 2009- Galadriel and Galileo
2 October 2009 -Babyes from Tabata & Blu
3 October 2009 -babyes from Tuiska and Galileo
26 Aprile 2010 - babyes from Delice and Galileo
6 September 2010 babyes from Phalbalà 'n' Galileo
6 September 2010 - Cherie 'n' Galileo introduce Querubino
4 June 2011 Sissy 'n' Flink introduce Sissybella,Scrabby Doo, Simba and Shaggy
02 Luglio 2011 - Phalbala e Rebelot
23.09 2011 Delice e Pathè introduce Shirley Temple, Sunshine, Sunrise 'n' Sunny
28.06.2012 - Phalbalà e& Nottingham introduce Tabata My Love
27.06.2012 - Simba & Quanita introduce Teodoro, Tres Jolie and Trilly Campanellino
15.03.2013 - Delice and Pathè d'Amour inroduce their four lovely kittensi
07.08.2013 - Quanita and Davide DouDou and their kittens
01.09.2013 -Poddy and Davide DouDou and their babyes
06.03.2014 Delice And DouDou introduce Wall-e, Yumiko, Yoshie & Yuki
11.03.2014 Principessa Sissi and DouDou introduce Yoghi e Yukiko
29.08.2014 - Amaltea e DouDou presentano Zigulì, Zarelis e Zulay
15.09.2014 - Quanita e DouDou presentano Whitney, Zenigata e Yabadabadoo
29.07.2015 - Kittens from Sissy e DouDou
03.08.2015 Kittens from Amaltea e DouDou
13.03.2015 - Kittens from Delice e DouDou
22 Agosto 2016 - i cuccioli di Delice e Mucho Calor